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who would name their kid zoey 101 

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In fifth grade we were making little clay statues and mine came out shitty so I left a big air pocket in it so it would explode when the teacher put it in the kiln and it exploded so hard it destroyed ten other kids’s statues and they were all on the verge of tears I thought it was really funny I still do

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hearing your favourite song on the radio is 5000x more exciting than hearing it on your ipod.

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do you guys realize we can change our lives any time we want like you can just go ahead and delete your blog, stop eating meat, shave your head, start running, tell that person you hate why you hate them so much, confess your love to someone and kiss them unexpectedly like why don’t we do that

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if you ever feel bad about yourself remember that zac efron has a yolo tattoo

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but what if 13/13/13 falls on a friday omg

What month is that again?

the month you finally get laid


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Stories from John Watson's blog

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*wears the same outfit as yesterday* vintage

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if i was famous i would go to the apple store and look for computers where people forgot to log off facebook and post a picture of myself and be like hey guess what you missed

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